We can’t do this without YOU! Join our awesome team and help Arizona Honeybees!

There are lots of ways you can be involved in the Arizona Honeybee Festival as a VOLUNTEER. From planning to prepping to playing, we’re sure to have a place for you.

Festival Committees You can Join or Lead

Take a look at our various committees to see where you may fit.
We value your input and time, so thank you!

Committees have one Chairperson and any recruits that Chairperson needs to accomplish their goal.

Display Committee

  • plan honeybee displays throughout the festival
  • recruit creators to help (artists, colleges, schools, homeschool groups, etc.)

Music Committee 

  • find musicians to play during festival
  • ensure musicians have all they need on fest day
  • collect promo material from musicians
  • make sure musicians receive festival shirts (get sizes in advance)

Education Committee

  • Design Education Booth displays
  • Recruit members to man stations
  • collect materials and set up booth
  • contact other people or groups to offer educational experiences for beekeepers and community (ex. ASU, UofA, Extension office, Bee Informed, Honeybee Health Coalition, etc.)
  • Request specific science fair type trifold displays from members (ex. All About Varroa, Honeybee lifecycle, Bees of the World, etc.) Make list and ask on FB

Promotion Committee

  • produce and post social media 2-4 times a week
  • contact news outlets for promotion
  • make sure festival is on all event boards
  • look for more ways to advertise the festival

Demonstration Committee

  • find volunteer demonstrators
  • communicate with them several times before the festival to ensure they have what they need
  • come up with ideas for set-up
  • help manage on festival day

Fundraising Committee

  • finding sponsors and connecting with them
  • sending out sponsorship packets
  • managing sponsor relations
  • managing sponsor applications

Family Zone Committee 

  • prepare crafts
  • buy or provide a list of items needed for crafts
  • connect with Volunteer Chair to request volunteers
  • set up and manage family zone

Volunteer Committee

  • recruit volunteers
  • keep track of applications
  • ensure we have t-shirt sizes
  • prepare volunteers before festival
  • manage and care for volunteers at the festival

Community Involvement Committee

  • connecting with college and community groups (ex. girl scouts, boy scouts, clubs, etc.
  • arrange ways that these groups can get involved in the festival that are mutually beneficial

Vendor Committee

  • acquiring vendors and food trucks
  • managing vendor relations
  • managing festival day vendors
  • raffle item acquisition

Information Booth Committee

  • Set up and manage Information booth displays, tables, raffles, etc.
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Raffle
  • information headquarters for team and festival-goers

Site Committee

  • design festival layout
  • manage set-up of booths
  • provide layout of event for map

Speaker Committee 

  • contact speakers
  • set up and manage classrooms
  • ensure classrooms have everything needed
  • manage classroom volunteers
  • get t-shirt sizes for speakers and distribute them
  • acquire speaker bio, photo and other information for website
  • send thank you card or packet to each speaker after the event

Join the Planning Team to work in the background by contacting speakers and vendors, and working through logistics.

We don’t have lots of time to get this thing together, so YOU can make a big difference by donating your time.

Some volunteer positions require weekly or monthly check-ins while others are needed just for the day of the event. WHAT SOUNDS GOOD TO YOU?

Join the Event-Day Team to make things run smoothly from set-up to tear-down. Help run activities in the various zones.

November 12 is coming up quick! We would love to have you join one of our teams!

Everyone is super fun, super excited, and of course, SUPER COOL!

Join the PR Team to get the word out through Social Media, News Outlets, and our Website.

If any of these opportunities fit your personality and skill level, or if you want to build some of those character qualities, we have a place for YOU!

Fill out an application and tell us what you are interested in. Little steps today make a BIG impact tomorrow!