The Diverse Classroom and Bees

My name is Brittney Oden and I am the educator and founder of The Diverse Classroom. I teach 7/8th grade self-contained special ed and am passionate about bringing the world into my classroom through science. Two years ago I invited ASU instructional coaches into my classroom to observe a lesson about bees. From that experience I was invited to present at ASU’s iTeachELL Stem Camp about my lesson. The next summer I presented specifically on problem-based learning in special ed. My first problem-based learning unit with my students was based on bees and how we could support our local bee population. Come join me as I walk you through our journey as my students learned about a real-life problem in our community and the solutions we explored as a class.

You can find all my resources at or on facebook. I love to help any educators whether formal or informal. Please feel free to reach out to me at I can help with anything from planning and implementing problem-based learning, come train your team on a number of science curriculum, help get your program up and running or connect you with resources

brittney odenBrittney Oden will bee speaking at the 2018 Arizona Honeybee Festival on November 10. She currently teaches 7-8th grade special education. She is passionate about bringing science to her students and helping all educators incorporate science into their daily instruction to support diverse learners in their own classrooms. Brittney presented at the ASU iTeachELL Stem Camp in 2017 and 2018. She has organized her district’s special education science fair for the last two years. Brittney recently earned the title of ASTA Middle School Science Teacher of the Year award for 2018.

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