Class Schedule

Beekeepers’s Stage (Room A)

9:30 am   ASU Students, Research Poster Presentations
10:00 am   Principles and Practices of Ethical Beekeeping, Patrick Pyne
11:00 am   Swarm Traps, Peter Underwood
1:00 pm   Seasonal Beekeeping, Dr. Cahit Ozturk
2:00 pm   Korean Natural Farming Solutions for All Hive Solutions, Shane “Bee Charmer” Lee


Education Stage (Room B)

9:00 am   High School Beekeeping Projects, Rachna Nath
10:00 am   Bees 101: Intro to Beekeeping,  Kyle Hornbaker
11:00 am   Planting for Bees, Mike Hills
12:30 pm   Bees 101: Intro to Beekeeping: Rob Ungvary
1:30 pm   Beekeeping: Backyard to Business, Dave Peterson