Come learn about how to be a better beekeeper and a better bee-helper.

We are excited to present you with some of the best experts in Arizona (and Hawaii).

The Experts

Arizona Honeybee Festival 2022

Classroom A

10:00 AM   Intro To Beekeeping

11:00 AM  History of Beekeeping (Part I)

12:00 PM  History of Beekeeping (Part II)

1:00 PM Intro to Beekeeping

Classroom 2

10:00 AM   Bee Venom Therapy

11:00 AM  Gardening for Bees

12:00 PM Pollinator-Safe Pesticide Use

1:00 PM  Spring Hive Preparation

Michi Kunugi-Wang

to Beekeeping

Shane Lee

Bee Venom Therapy for
Cancer, Lyme’s Disease
and other autoimmune disorders

Monica King

The History
of Beekeeping
Beekeeping Today

Mike Hills

for Bees

Jenny Weber

Pesticide Use

Will Fitz

Preparing Your
Bees for Spring

Duane Combs

to Beekeeping