We are looking for speakers for this year’s event.

Teach and Inspire

Beekeeper’s Stage

Our team is working to create a dynamic schedule of speakers. Our goal is to pack the day full of topics that are important to Arizona Beekeepers, so we are carefully selecting our lineup now.

Education Stage

We also know the the general public desires to know how they can take part in helping honeybees, so we will be choosing topics for the education stage specifically for them.

If you are interested in applying to speak, please fill out the form HERE

3 thoughts on “We are looking for speakers for this year’s event.

  1. Mark Lewis

    Keep me in mind for future festivals.

    Mark Lewis, “Chmachyakyakya Kurikuri: 8000-year Crops: Ancient-Future Foods Remembered” AND “Cactus Calls the Rain (A’atatchkwivok’nytar): The Foragers’ Club” AND “The Farm” (in Phoenix) AND “Arizona Native Foods” (in Camp Verde), 480.261.3730, manujib@yahoo.com
    Kvtarvpnyvtark./What you save now later will save you.

    Fuchsia Foraged Fall Fruit Trifle/MyelNyavKxav (showcase dessert that mimics the desert sunset)
    by Mark Lewis
    Dessert Elements —
    Chilled Mixed Fruit Salad: dragonfruit/pitahaya chunks, purple and white, with seeds; Peruvian apple cactus/pitahaya chunks, white, with seeds; saguaro fruit pulp with seeds; red watermelon meat small dice chunks; strawberry slices; blueberries; raspberries; blackberries; moon drop grapes; fragrant wild rose petals; diced dried maranon fruit pieces; blood orange supremes; fig paste; hawthorn powder; dried barberries; elderberry syrup; mammillaria fruits; purple lilikoi/passionfruit pulp; pomegranate arils; Washington or blue palm fruit pulp and juice, without seeds; chichiquelite fruits; graythorn juice; sumac powder;
    From the Fridge Cream Mix: white chia pudding; prickly pear ice cream; purple dragonfruit agaragar cubes;
    Chilled Topping: Crow Dairy goat cheese quark crème fraiche with powdered ironwood flower and blue butterfly pea flower;
    From the Fridge Garnish: purple/blue edible dendrobium orchid or candied violet.
    Glass parfait or champagne flutes, chilled.
    Plating suggestion —
    Scented doilies at room temp.

    Keep all dessert elements chilled until time to assemble and serve. In glass parfait flute, layer fruit salad then cream then fruit salad then cream to top of flute. Finish with dollop of topping. Garnish with purple/blue edible orchid or candied violet.
    Place filled dessert flute on nightblooming cereus or plumeria/frangipani scented paper doily.
    Serve immediately.

    • Cricket Aldridge

      Mark, do you want to be a guest chef or vendor next year? Our next festival is November 16, 2019.

      • Mark Lewis

        Contact me.


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