Arizona Beekeeping Organizations

Join one of these groups to learn and connect

Arizona is a unique environment for keeping bees. Support groups in our various cities and regions is so important. Please connect with one of these groups to learn and become part our this amazing community.


Arizona Backyard Beekeepers
Meets monthly in two locations • Arizona Backyard Beekeepers facebook group
West Valley (location to be determined)

East Valley
4341 E Broadway Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85040

Beekeepers Association of Central Arizona
Meets monthly •
Valley Garden Center


Southern Arizona Beekeepers Association
Meets monthly  •
Ekstrom-Columbus Library
4350 E 22nd St
Tucson, AZ 85711


Northern Arizona Organic Beekeepers Association
Meets monthly  •


The Prescott Bee Club
Meets monthly  •

6 thoughts on “Arizona Beekeeping Organizations

  1. Laurie Jackson

    Just saw this article that was published in the NY Times, and thought these groups might find it interesting. It is about the importance of bees in the almond industry in California.

    • M Vehrs

      I highly recommend the book/audiobook “The Beekeeper’s Lament” by Hannah Nordhaus. It goes into great detail about the activities of commercial beekeeping and the California Almond industry.

  2. Annamarie

    Hi Good afternoon my name is Annmarie. I would like to be part of beekeeper monthly meet up.

    • Cricket Aldridge

      Hi Annmarie. If you join our Arizona Backyard Beekeepers Facebook page you will be able to see all of our monthly meetings. We meet in Central Phoenix, North Phoenix, and In the West Valley.

  3. Irene Gamble

    Where can I connect with beekeepers in the east valley as in Apache junction thanks

    • Cricket Aldridge

      Hi Irene. Join our Arizona Backyard Beekeepers facebook group and you can connect to beekeepers in your area. We will be posting our meetings for the new year soon. The furthest East will be in Mesa or Queen Creek, but there are beekeepers closer to you that you can connect with.


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